All My Friends Are DJs

/ Feb

All My Friends Are DJs

17 Meadow St.
The Paper Box
11:00 pm

Winter doesn’t have to chill your social life. Since we’re all still knee-deep in the metaphorical snow, it’s time to gather inside and turn up the heat with those rumbling baselines and jumpy high hats. So whether you’ve been gallivanting across those dreamy beaches in Tulum and Miami, or braving the icy streets of New York, it’s time to channel your dark and playful vibes.

We turn to techno to melt everything away in the heat of the moment. We’re bringing you the most superior talent and your local favorites who best know how to work the Detroit Techno and Chicago House sounds. These guys are undoubtedly – you guessed it – your friends!

The boiler room setup stays the same so that party-goers and performers can mingle on the dance floor all night long. Wild dancing is highly encouraged, of course, so long as no one gets hurt. If you can’t make it for the real thing, we’ll be live streaming the entire party so you can watch the events unfold from a safe distance.

Line up to be announced.

Now, if only all our friends were dancers?