Digital Babas Presents Digital Diwali

/ Oct

Digital Babas Presents Digital Diwali

The Paper Box
10:00 pm

Are you full power? Do you regularly stay awake for 24 plus hours? can you not recall the last time you took a shower?

You might be a digital baba

But the only way to be sure will be to follow us as we lead you kicking and screaming, giggling and laughing through the forest, over high bpm vistas and into the outer realms of psychedelia.

Digital baba’s present to you our celebration of the festival of light.

-Digital Diwali-

Featuring these local heros, persons of intrigue and shady characters:

Epsylon (BMSS Records/ Respect Gatherings NY)

Avalien (Post-Modern music PMM India, NY)

PsyOps (Free Radical/Crooked Records Philly, PA)

Madhatter (Woo Dog Recordings/Futterwacken Productions/The Radial Engine Tribe NY)

Dj Hypnotoad (PSI/ PsYcHeGrOuND NY)

Stage Deco by : Ivy Orth- LunoSol

Supported by: Respect Gatherings and Post-Modern music PMM

Deco by Ivy
Flyer art by Mil Out