Psycheground and Ghost Notes presents: Penta!

29 Jun 2019 Saturday
30 Jun 2019 Sunday

Psycheground and Ghost Notes presents: Penta!

10:00 pm - 04:00 am

Psycheground and Ghost notes join forces to bring you ***Penta*** for an extended set!!! We hope you will join us for this special event! A night of psychedelic trance, dancing, and community.

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Nikita Tselovalnikov, the Russian-born psytrance producer behind Penta, has been making music since 1988. Having played as a trance producer in around 40 countries around the world, appearing repeatedly in every major festival such as Boom, Voov, Universo Paralello, Full Moon and Burning Man, Nikita has gained reputation as one of the pioneers and innovators in the psytrance world. Being identified with darkpsy, full-on and progressive genres at the same time, Penta’s unique futuristic sound has brought together people of different scenes into one swirling psychedelic dance.

With Supporting Sets From

Luis Campos (BR)

Joao Cho (BR)


Art & Deco By
Chris Hinklein

Face and body painting by Inner Spirit Body Arts!!!