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Dzieci PRL-u

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Dzieci PRL-u

17 Meadow St.
The Paper Box
08:00 pm

Dzieci PRL-u BIO:

Our story begins in the year 2010, with a group of three friends from Queens passionate about music and their Polish roots. They came together and the former drummer of the band came up with the name “Dzieci PRL-u” and thats how it began. “Dzieci PRL-u” means “The Children of the Polish People‚Äôs Republic” before 1989, from behind the Iron Curtian. It was a difficult political time for Poland. In those times, music was one of the only forms of rebellion against Russian oppression. Creativity from those times has had an influence on us and our way of interpreting music.‚Äč
We started our band on the basis of playing covers of various Polish artists from those times.
Punk rock was a major part of those songs.After about a year of playing together, an opportunity presented itself and we played our first concert at the Polish club in downtown Brooklyn. There was an overwhelmingly positive reaction from every person in the crowd and thats when we began gaining recognition amongst the Polish music community in New York City. After a while we began opening concerts for all the major Polish music acts that were playing concerts around the city. Amongst those concerts, a significant amount of them was for wide range of charities. This was the moment that greatly inspired us to finally start writing our own original music. A decision was made to record our first album.

After four years of playing shows and a two and a half year struggle with recording our album “Rymowanki”(which translates to “Nursery Rhymes”) due to unfortunate rotations through the band members, we finally established a stable and permanent group and the album was finally complete. This last year was very important for us because we accomplished a great amount of work towards releasing and promoting the album in a professional manner. Throughout the years our individual musical identity and style has made the project an eclectic blend of various styles and generes of music and it shines through our original work. Our next step is our own promotional show towards the release of our album.
We are growing as a band and a community but more importantly we wish to continue embracing and strengthening our Polish cultural roots within our community in New York City and beyond.