East Coast G-House: The Sequel (Album Release Party) - CANCELED

14 Mar 2020 Saturday
15 Mar 2020 Sunday

East Coast G-House: The Sequel (Album Release Party) - CANCELED

10:00 pm - 04:00 am

Wassup y’all!!!

This has been a project over 2 years in the making since the release of the first album, ‘East Coast G House’.
The artists involved with the first go-round were more than excited to take a shot at a second album. Not only that, we had several new artists join the squad and help push the movement. After years of pairing up collaborators, seeing what energy between artists fit best, sitting in on studio sessions, going back and forth with final mixes, following up with each other a hundred times to meet deadlines (lol), throwing ambitious events to tease the new music to new crowds, and planning a vision for the music video…it is with great excitement that we announce the official album release party & music video premiere event for the sequel — ‘East Coast G-House: Volume 2.’

East Coast G-House is a sound, a movement, a proper fusion of four-on-the-floor house beats and East Coast hip-hop bars. In addition to the musical soundscapes, the surrounding ambiance and visual aesthetic of East Coast G-House aims to combine prominent elements of both worlds, including everything from shuffling and dance to old-school graffiti art.

Chris Sonix b2b SOUND.E
Papi Bravo
DJ RichKidd

Live Performances:
R. Legend
JO Stoneheadz
King F.L.O.
Papi Shank
Matt Eclectic

Art (More TBA):
SJK 171
MIKE 171

Dancers (More TBA):
Shuffle Over Everything NYC

Vendors (More TBA):
Celestivl Beings

IG Handles:
@djsanity @kapomusic @diplomatt_music @sound.e @chrissonix @papibravomusic @djrichkidd @idont.sleep @jostoneheadz @papishank @modo495 @nycmavrick @bigshochillz @r.legend @blkzen @matt.eclectic @therealkingflo360_federal @ryanbanksmusic @rb_spano
@finelifemusic @enonomous @mr_so_impossible @sjk_171 @mike_171
@shuffle_over_everything @celestialcaro @celestivlbeing