Miki Beach NYC ‘FunRaiser’

17 Jul 2021 Saturday
18 Jul 2021 Sunday

Miki Beach NYC ‘FunRaiser’

06:00 pm - 04:00 am

Surprise Mausketeers B2B

Miki All-Stars
Alex Cecil
Dude Skywalker
Jefia b2b Kirk
Scott Zak

+ more

Hello Mausketeers,
Come join us for a dance party fundraiser for our Burning Man Camp, packed with amazing talents. Miki Beach Camp will return to Burning Man in 2022, and whether you’re already part of the MikiMau family or are new to our vibe, we’d love your support as we work to spread good times and good music, on and off the playa!

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday - July 17, 2021
Bushwick, Brooklyn NY.



::: About MikiMau :::
MikiMau started from the simplest of concepts – good people sharing a common love. The group is diverse; members hail from different countries, live in different cities, and work in a range of industries. But through this eclectic community runs one intense bond: Love of House Music.

If Miki Mau was a baby, then it was conceived in Ibiza 2013. A casual group of friends gathered to revel in some of the best house music in the world, and within a few days, the once loosely-knit group found themselves transformed into a tight family — one that continued to dance its way through Winter Music Conference, Burning Man, and countless parties.

With each new adventure — combined with the inspiration to explore, create, and share new beats with one another — the group grew larger. Soon sets were being composed on weekends; speakers and turntables were purchased, and DJ nicknames began to emerge… Alas, MikiMau was born.

The term “Mickey Mouse” is at times used to refer to something substandard, or poorly executed and/or organized. As the group gained momentum in their musical efforts, they adopted this label as “MikiMau” — giving it a Cuban spin to pay homage to the background of a few founding members. Proving the group’s aspiration is not stardom or profit, but to create music for friends by friends. And to always have fun!