1 Mutual Dreaming: Rrose, Lena Willikens, A.H. The Paper Box

Mutual Dreaming: Rrose, Lena Willikens, A.H.

/ Jul

Mutual Dreaming: Rrose, Lena Willikens, A.H.

17 Meadow St.
Mutual Dreaming
10:00 pm
$15 ADV // $25 DOS

This Saturday, Mutual Dreaming returns for a warehouse sorcery session. Lena Willikens & Rrose are both are forces of nature in their own right: spiralling, dark and alluring. Lena Willikens is a longtime Cologne DJ whose style has taken off worldwide - her sets are undeniably wicked excursions through ÔÇťobscure proto-techno, jacking spirits, industrial boogie, synthesized disco, raw house and other outernational rhythms.” Her twists & turns evoke cosmic legends, moving a crowd into deeper unknown realms with a fresh intensity.

As the night develops, Rrose closes with a 3-hour DJ set of tunnelling, psychedelic techno. Originally on Sandwell District, s/he has unleashed a cache of amazing music - vortexes of layered, intoxicating energy. The sets have the rare quality of being both precision tooled and wildly natural.

Resident Aurora Halal opens. Lighting artist Nitemind will transform the space, and Subbass provides sound. The space has a side-room and backyard for chilling.