Petite Celine Album Release

/ Mar

Petite Celine Album Release

07:00 pm

Be 1st to hear the Man Made Fire album and party all night with bold live music, wild DJs, trippy artwork n’ culture from around the world!!

It’s a funky fresh, psychedelic, worldly and other-worldy event! Our main mission here: throw a bad-ass party, celebrate art that embraces world culture, and get an exclusive first listen of the entire Man Made Fire album by Petite Celine a week before its release, 3/15.

The event kicks off with 2 live bands, followed by a toast by Petite Celine and a complete performance of the unreleased album from beginning to end by Petite Celine and her band.

We continue the night with some house music vibes and then journey together into the psychedelic realms of IDM with some of New York’s most inspired DJs.

Threaded together by music, culture, comedy, and the trippy artwork of Lino Bernabe and Petite Celine, this is sure to be a night full of play, exaltation, and discovery.