Playdate 09.14 w/ Newman (All Day I Dream)

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Playdate 09.14 w/ Newman (All Day I Dream)

10:00 pm - 04:00 am
$20 adv

Dance Artifakts
2018 Playdate Summer series finale.


is the embodiment of everything that has happened up to this point: A life full of experiences, various human relationships, successes and failures, and most of all, a life led by emotions.
As a result his sound is a mirror of his journey: It is emotive, complex, layered, introspective and mature.

Terron Darby
Playdate New York’s founder has been an incredible force behind the scenes, in the studio, and on the decks for nearly two decades. Currently, Darby has set in motion a mysterious new music imprint that’s a unique ode to the relationship between music and art, Dance Artifakts. Scheduled to launch this summer, the label will be a haven for artistic expression beyond the boundaries of genre and the monochromatic aesthetic of modern record labels.

As a storyteller, aquariox employs melodic dance music with organic roots to create sacred space for uplifting souls. Through the ancient ritual of tribal dance, he embarks on a modern mission to raise human vibration.

aka Marcel Slottke is a Music Producer and DJ with its choosen living base in New York City. He has played all over the world from Europe, South America, to all over the United States. His dynamic sound ranges from deep and elevating journeys through sound, meditative trips of natural instruments with tribal influences married with the digital sounds of deep house.

The name NORDVOLK gives a picture of his nordic roots and means Nord [NORTH] Volk [TRIBE]. He grew up with music playing piano & guitar and discovered very early the world of electronic music in Germany where he’s been born and raised. His sensitivity to vibrations and sound made him following this gift into passion, creating soulful deep journeys and taking people to other realms through sound.
“Vibration is the heart of the universe. Music allows us to feel it.”