1 Subconscious Orders: Sakura The Paper Box

Subconscious Orders: Sakura

/ Apr

Subconscious Orders: Sakura

17 Meadow St.
Subconscious Orders
09:00 pm
$35 ADV

—- Room 1: Sakura Night —-
Sakura - Japanese cherry blossom, a traditional form of friends gathering and enjoying the transient beauty of flowers. It’s also a celebration to embody the concept of “mono no aware” or “an empathy toward things.”

- DJ Viviana Toscanini
Past performances: Output, Cielo, Electric Zoo, TBA Brooklyn

- DJ Erica Rhone
Past performances: I FEEL, SXM Festival, ZERO

- DJ Carol Ferraz (ebb + flow)
Past performances: ebb + flow, Gratitude Migration,

- Tony (Mimi) (BAE)
Past performances: BAE Collective

- Corin Lee, Violinist (ETHEL)
Past performances: EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo, Lincoln Center

- Secret Guest DJ 😉

—- Room 2: Orijins & Friends —-
Orijins - Dope music and art collective known for their jungle/tribal parties and 3D mapped art installs. Delivering neo-tech-house tribal vibes and high-tech creativities to the second room.

- Orijins
Past Performances: Subconscious Orders, Output, House of Yes, Schimanski, Analog Bk

- Alex Cecil
Past performances: Verboten, Output, Bangon!, Schimanski

- Alex Raøuf
Past performances: Output, Booka Shade, House of Yes

- Motum (zigzag)
Past perfomances: Cielo, Carried Away, Do Not Sleep Ibiza

- DNA Sound (Andy)
Past performances: Subconscious Orders, Lot 45, Terra Firma, The Keep