Connection: A Full Moon Gathering

/ Jan

Connection: A Full Moon Gathering

17 Meadow St.
Spirit Tribe
10:00 pm
$20 ADV // $35 DOS

The Sky has called upon us and the time has come for us to come together again to celebrate life and the Full Wolf Moon. Full Moon Gatherings have been held throughout time calling on the power of the moon to amplify our Spirit and Energy to use as momentum in our lives. Not only is it the Full Wolf Moon, but also Friday the 13th, which has held myths of being a day filled with powerful energy. So let’s dance like a wolf making midnight wishes on amber moons, whose howl resonates across the sky and shakes every last tree in the forest.

As we awaken to the Spirit of our Tribe, we will be joined by Sound Shamans that will connect us to the Spirit that lies deep within. Joining us from the tribes of California will be, RANDOM of Geomagnetic and Goa Records, who will take us on a wild journey filled with mystical moments of full power sounds. Two of our tribes very own shamans LUIS CAMPOS and MADHATTER, both delivered two of the most unforgettable sets at Native Noise Festival, they will once again fill our night with pure spirit. Joining us from Connecticut will be a fresh new member of our tribe, V-CEK will be bringing his powerful progressive to the dance temple, so be prepared to stomp. Also, joining us from California will be CLAIRITY, who will start our night just right with some west coast techno.

Our sacred space will be transformed, when the SPIRIT TRIBE CREW, OCULAR DELIGHT and CHRIS HINKLEIN bring their shape-shifting skills to life and create a psychedelic sanctuary for us all. Teaming up with us will be the visually stunning talents of LEVITATION THEORY, who will provide visuals that will result in deep mystical experiences. KIRKWORX will be bringing color to the night with his UV blacklight body painting. This is a special night for us as we celebrate Spirit Tribe’s 1 Year Anniversary and most importantly LIFE and each other! From our family to yours, we welcome you.

Sounds Shamans: